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Image by Ava Sol

The Yoni Experience.

Benefits of Yoni Steaming

  • Pleasurable menstrual cycle

  • Detoxes

  • Enhances sex life

  • Tighten & tone Vaginal Walls

  • Energetic release

  • Absent periods

Yoni Steam

A natural and gentle vaginal steam that requires sitting on a low comfortable stool above a warm steam of herbs used to cleanse the uterus, release toxins, as well as strengthen and tone the reproductive organs. Includes an initial assessment prior to steaming.

30min  $75

Yoni Steaming Experience

Includes a confidential consultation, 20 minutes of Womb stimulation hot stone, and a clay mask on the abdomen followed by 30-minute Therapeutic Steaming. Includes Complimentary Tea Therapy.

1 Hr $85

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